Petitvs Ad Decentiam Et Ivstitiam

Translation:  Towards Propriety And Justice

Webster defines propriety as ‘appropriateness to the purpose or circumstance’ and justice as ‘rightfulness or lawfulness’

If one is to approach such ideals, one must be well aware of ‘the purpose or circumstances’ with regard to the current legal and economic climate and other more approximate issues as well

I however, tend to find my own definitions for these intangibles, and tend to think everyone should be free to do so as well

For me, this requires extended amounts of time in thoroughly reflective meditation

I feel that one should be as responsible as possible for their own propriety and justice by constantly examining their purpose and circumstances with regard to the powers beyond our immediate control

Proper and sensitive agendas, to me, require a sort of conscientious forethought with utmost concern for the community and the living environment while respecting the inevitability of chaos and the lure of irresistable spontaneities

For, as it has been declared many a time, without the counter balance of one extreme, there would be no stability for its opposite


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